Monday, February 27, 2017

South Dakota Magician Performs Magic on KSFY-TV

In case you missed my appearance on KSFY from February 17th – here is the video! I perform a really cool card trick that Shawn & Kamie thought was awesome!

I was on KSFY promoting my comedy hypnosis & magic show at Southeast Tech. It was my second year performing for the school and the show was absolutely phenomenal! They loved it so much they are ready to bring me back for a third time – I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sioux Falls Magician in Magazine

Sioux falls orpheum

One week ago from today Travis Nye and myself performed our magic show at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater to roughly 300 people who came out to support local talent. My hometown of Sioux Falls has always been amazing about supporting these type of events. The show featured magic, mind-reading and mystery. We opened up the performance this year to all-ages and everyone absolutely loved it!

The comments we’ve received from the show have been phenomenal. The performance was very conversational and everyone felt as though they were a part of it, which made for an intimate experience. Travis and I both feed of spectators reactions and the audience last week was unbelievable. Thank you Sioux Falls for being awesome and supporting us!

Zstonish magician sioux falls

In other exciting news, this month of October I’m featured in 605 Magazine! It’s a magazine that goes all across the state of South Dakota. You can read the magazine at this link –

One of my favorite questions from the magazine interview was:

What is funniest or best reaction you’ve had from an audience member?

When the audience member forgets what card they chose. Just kidding.

The best reactions, for me as a magician, happen when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes in my show strange things occur that I didn’t script out. While the audience may not realize the difference, inside I know it’s what created such an amazing reaction in that moment.

Sioux falls magician 605 magazine

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sioux Falls – 24 Hour Bed of Nails Event!

Zstonish & Travis Nye Bed of Nails Event

Hey Sioux Falls! This Saturday at Badlands Pawn we are bringing you something crazy! Travis Nye will be laying on a Bed of Nails for a full 24 hours. Can he make it!? Find out for yourself. During the event I will be performing magic and mind-reading. We also will be live streaming the event online.

Zstonish schedule


Thursday Sept. 15th
6:30AM – We will be performing on the KSFY Morning Show

Friday Sept. 16th
6:30AM – Check out the KDLT Morning show as we will be performing magic and discussing the Bed of Nails event.
8:15AM Tune in to KBAD 94.5 Radio for more!

Saturday Sept. 17th
4:30PM – z*stonish & Travis Nye PreShow Party
5PM – Travis Nye Lays on the Bed of Nails
5-6PM – Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis
6:55PM – #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
7PM – Badlands Pawn Doors Close – Continue Watching via the Live Online Stream

Sunday Sept. 18th
10AM – Badlands Pawn Doors Open
10-11AM – Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis
11AM – #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
12PM – z*stonish Performs & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
1PM – #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
1-2PM – Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis
2PM – z*stonish Performs & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
3PM – KOKO Fit Club Presentation
4PM – KOKO Fit 30Day Free Membership & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway
5PM – Breaking the Cement Block on Travis & Finale

Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewlery is located at 1600 Russel St., Sioux Falls, SD, 57104

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z*stonish End of Summer Update

It’s unbelievable how fast summer has gone and it was a busy one!

In June I had the wonderful opportunity of working with hypnotist Jim Wand all while breaking a world record with the most amount of hypnotists on stage in one show. It was such a great experience!

Hypnotica with Jim Wand

Then from there I traveled the Midwest performing my comedy hypnosis and magic shows for fairs and hometown festivals, with stops in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. I met a lot of new people at my shows and it was awesome!

Fair and festival entertainment

To finish up July I performed alongside Travis Nye in his hometown of Keokuk, Iowa. To a sold out crowd, we rocked the house with our show #PremonitionLive!

#PremonitionLive Keokuk

To finish up August I had an epic show at Wayne State! It was the second time I’ve performed my comedy hypnosis show for the college and they are excited to bring me back for a third show!


Then to wrap up a fun summer, I finished with a street magic and hypnosis tour in New York and New Jersey. We got an insane amount of video footage of myself performing in Times Square and Jersey Shore. I’m excited to release the videos in a mini YouTube series, which I’ll announce soon!

New York & New Jersey Magician

(Of course while I was in New York I had to see Wicked on Broadway and Blue Man Group!)

Blue Man Group New York

Right now I am underway working with Travis Nye on our next big performance, #PremonitionLive which is playing at the Sioux Falls Orpheum on October 8th.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Amazing Magic Tricks - Under Water Drinking!

Have you ever wonder, if you could have a simple drink of something while being underwater? To know see the video about!

Materials Need:

Glass bottle
Under water - can be in bathtub or in aquarium


- First fill the bathtub or aquarium with water
- Second place the cola and the glass bottle in the the water!
- To perform the tricks one must move slowly!
- Third open the cola, remember to open it slowly
- Then lastly pour the cola in the glass bottle!
- There you have your drink under the water!
- Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
- The tricks in here is to move slowly so the cola and the water inside the aquarium would be saturated that - fast! So enjoy this easy magic tricks with your kids!

First published here: Amazing Magic Tricks - Under Water Drinking!